Virginia Air and Space Museum Overnight Program Feb 19-20

posted Feb 14, 2011, 4:48 AM by Ellen Moore Osborne   [ updated Feb 14, 2011, 5:05 AM by Eric Field ]
Arrival and Registration
Plan to check in by 6:00 p.m. Participants are not admitted prior to 5:45 p.m. Pull up to the front of the
center to unload your gear. You can not park here, but you can unload. You may park in the lot across the
street or in the parking garage diagonally across from the Center. To get to the parking garage go past the
Center, which will be on your left, turn right on Museum Way and the garage entrance is on your right.
After you enter the center, you and dozens of other participants will leave your gear in the lobby and the
leader will proceed to check-in. At check-in you will need to provide the roster of names of participants in
your care. You will be given a schedule of events and other information for a safe, successful stay. Wait
with your group for an Event Aide to show you to our sleepsite. After locating your sleepsite, stack your
gear neatly against a wall. Be sure not to block traffic areas or emergency exits. Do not unroll your sleeping
bags at this time.

What to Bring
* Sleeping Gear
Each participant should bring an indoor sleeping bag. Adults who have
survived an overnight recommend that you bring an air mattress or foam
pad for sleeping on hard, cold floors. Place all belongings together in one
package or bedroll to facilitate storage and access. All your gear should be
clearly labeled with your group and individual name to minimize the loss
of items. Your gear will be stored in the exhibit halls with that of dozens
of other participants.

* Clothing
You’ll do a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Shoes must be worn at all times. The
temperature in the Museum is unpredictable, so dress in layers. Participants usually sleep in light clothing.
Dress for the weather if you are launching rockets. It can be very cold during the winter standing in the
field watching the rocket launch.

* Other
Feel free to bring your cell phone and camera. You can take photographs at most places in the Museum.
Participants may wish to bring money to purchase souvenirs and educational items at the Museum Store.
Boy Scouts should bring their own Blue Merit Badge cards and are responsible for getting the cards signed.
We have a limited supply of cards here and will provide them if requested that evening.

* What Not to Bring
Please do not bring food or drink of any type, tents, cots, hair dryers, curling irons, alarm clocks, electronic toys,
games, music, or alcohol.

The program ends at 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Overnight staff are available until this time. If you wish to stay longer you will need to pack and store your gear in your car before 10:00 a.m. If you still have energy, come back when the center opens to stay longer and explore!


Eric Field,
Feb 14, 2011, 4:52 AM
Eric Field,
Feb 14, 2011, 4:52 AM