How much does it cost to join?

Total base costs are $126 for the full year.

This breaks down as:

  • $24 for membership in the national organization, the Boy Scouts of America. *
  • $12 for Boys' Life monthly magazine (optional but highly encouraged). *
  • $90 for Pack dues, covering August-July.

Pack dues include all advancements, adventure loops and pins, your Cub Scout handbook, neckerchief and slide, Pinewood Derby car kit, and food and other costs for fall and spring camping trips and other Pack events during the school year.  And new this year, all scouts also get a Rocket for our September Rocket Day event, and a brand new Pack 141 T-Shirt.

Financial assistance is available for those who need it.  Money will not stop any boy or family from joining into Cub Scouts.

We also encourage families to offset Pack dues with fundraising.  $100 in sales reduces dues by $25

At first join, you will also need to spend about $60.00 for the Cub Scout uniform.  This is a one-time cost, and it will last his entire time in Cub Scouts.  See information about the uniform below.

NOTE: * Registration and Boys' Life are pro-rated for boys joining later in the school year.

Cost Timeline:

In August/September, we will collect $24 for BSA registration and $12 for Boys' Life magazine. ($36 total).

We will also collect an initial $30 in Pack dues (one third of the $90 for the year).

The remaining $60 will be collected in January, and can be reduced through Popcorn and Peanuts fundraising in the fall, though families can choose to pay the entire dues up front or at any time if they desire.


What other costs might I incur?

Your time, effort, and care with the boys is always the most valuable contribution you can give to Pack 141.

  • Some trips may have additional expenses, like our recent summer overnight to the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia or Baltimore Historic Ships Camp-ins, Cub Scout Fun Days, the Wildlife Center of Virginia trip, or an outing to the Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center.
  • Cub Scout Summer Day Camp and Webelos Resident Camp have independent costs.
  • We have pot luck dinners or other events for which we may request your support (mostly in food).


What uniform do I need to buy?

You do not need to have a uniform to start in Cub Scouts.  By the second or third Pack meeting, however, he should at least have a Cub Scout shirt, the council badges, and a neckerchief and slide.  You can order this directly through the Pack using our Uniform Order Sheet, or go to the Waynesboro Scout Shop or try-on and order through the Great Outdoor Provisioning Company in Barracks Road Shopping Center.

Look for the Uniform Order Sheet at Join Night or at any other meeting, or talk with your Den Leader or Cubmaster.

What does the money get me and my son?

It pays for the Pack's charter with the Boy Scouts, insurance for all events, patches, badges and advancements your son will earn, handbooks, materials including the Pinewood Derby car, and costs for events like camping trips, the Blue and Gold Dinner and  the Crossing Over Advancement Ceremony.


Is financial aid available?

· Yes. We believe any boy and family interested in Scouting should have access to it.  If you believe the entry costs are prohibitive for your son to join Scouts, we can help to defray them.  Please talk directly with our Treasurer Chesley Mullins, or Cubmaster Eric Field.

· Your son will be expected to be an active participant in all fundraising activities, which allow us to offer financial aid to those in need.  See Popcorn and Peanuts for information on our largest annual fundraiser.

· See the Stonewall Jackson Area Council's Flyers and Forms page for more detail on some of the other Financial Aid programs available.