Parent Youth Protection Awareness Training

The Boy Scouts of America is deeply concerned about the tragedy of child abuse. Each handbook in the Scouting includes the pamphlet,  How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide. This pamphlet encourages scouts to discuss child abuse openly with parents and Scouting leaders.

If you suspect a case of child abuse, report your suspicions to the Scout executive immediately. He is equipped with the latest information regarding how Scouting is geared to deal with this critical issue. Remember that taking action is critical because if nothing is done, that child and other children will continue to be at risk. Child abuse can be physical, mental, sexual, or neglect. It can come from a variety of sources, both within and outside Scouting, including abuse by other youth, by leaders, and by parents.

Adults react to child abuse in a variety of ways, from outrage, to fear, to disbelief, to indifference. Some parents have the notion that their children will somehow be exempt from this danger. None of these approaches is really useful. Scouting has long advocated that parents should be involved with their children's Scouting activities. Every Scout leader should encourage parents to know the adult leadership, join in planning events, and to get acquainted with other parents and their children.

Youth Protection Guidelines Training Program
The Boy Scouts of America's Youth Protection Guidelines training program has become a recognized model to help educate volunteers and its youth members about the prevention of child abuse.  Youth Protection Guidelines Training in the Greater Pittsburgh Council is scheduled for Scouting volunteers in each local district.  Contact your district executive or district commissioner for information.

These award winning videos are used by B.S.A. unit leaders and may be used by families, youth groups, schools and churches:

IT HAPPENED TO ME - (26 minutes video)  Designed to help educate 6 to 9 year old boys about the dangers of sexual abuse.  Viewed with a parent or guardian, this video depicts five scenarios that explain what sexual abuse is and effective ways for young boys to respond to this problem.

Sample letter to parents

It Happened to Me Cub Scout Meeting Guide

A TIME TO TELL- (33 minutes, 16 seconds)  For boys 11 to 14 years of age, this video introduces the Three Rs of Youth Protection, informs Boy Scouts about the dangers of sexual abuse and ways to prevent abuse.  At the beginning of this tape is a 4-minute, 40 second Presenter's Orientation for leaders of youth groups to preview prior to showing

Sample Letter to Parents

A Time to Tell Troop Meeting Guide

PERSONAL SAFETY AWARENESS - (19 minutes, 38 seconds)  For young men and women 14-20 years of age.  This video has three scenarios that deals with Peer Sexual Harassment, Acquaintance Rape, and Internet Safety and Stalking.

Sample Letter to Parents

Personal Safety Awareness Meeting Guide

YOUTH PROTECTION GUIDELINES:  TRAINING FOR VOLUNTEER LEADERS AND PARENTS - (65 minutes)  This video is an important part of the Boy Scouts of America's training program that helps outline the issues of child abuse, ways to protect its members, and reporting requirements for leaders.  A panel of professionals who deal with child abuse on a daily basis respond to a series of questions presented by a moderator.  A Facilitators Guide is included with each video.  You may also complete this training online.

YOUTH PROTECTION FACILITATORS TRAINING:  This training is for those that would like to be able to lead the Youth Protecton Training in their pack, troop, crew or district.  

(Thank you to Greater Pittsburgh Council, Boy Scouts of America for compiling this information)